Replacement mattresses for Adjustable Beds. For most people, an adjustable bed is a beneficial product and should last for years. The base and the actual action will give years of movement and support, the mattress, however, takes all of the main wear and will need replacing sooner.

How do you know when you need to replace your mattress?

This is always a difficult question to answer. In general, terms, if you start to feel uncomfortable in bed for any reason you should be checking your mattress. If the top looks ‘saggy’ or crumpled then it is possible that the padding is moving because the interior is beginning to collapse. That is whether the interior contains springs or memory foam or a combination of both. Check your mattress regularly for signs of wear and as soon as you see them start thinking about replacing it.

Where to go for your replacement adjustable bed mattress?

Well, you could trawl around the many big retailers but very few of them will be interested in selling you just a mattress. Their idea will be to sell you a whole new bed when you don’t need it! The next problem is that few of them will realise that even on a single size an adjustable bed mattress is 6′ 6″ long.  I have had to help people recently who had purchased mattresses from other suppliers only to find that they were not the right length for their adjustable bed!

People sometimes say you should try a mattress before you buy it. The downside to that is that you will not be trying the mattress you get! Your new mattress from a retail store will be made for you. Whilst the one on display could have been there for months and tried by lots of other customers. So you finish up with a new mattress that will feel different to the one in the store.

This means it is sensible to buy a specialist mattress for your adjustable bed online from a specialist company such as us at It is safer, no other customers around to lay on the same mattress as you (at a different time of course!) you don’t even need to wear a face mask. What was can offer is the experience and knowledge gained by over 60 years in the trade to guide you to the right mattress for you. It is easy for you to order online from any of the different sizes available, including 2′ 3″; 2′ 6″; 3′ 0″; 3′ 6″; 4′ 0″; 4′ 6″ & 5′ 0″. If you want help, advice or guidance as to which will be the best replacement mattress for you then please just call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102.

How do I arrange delivery?

All our replacement adjustable bed mattresses are delivered and installed. Our team will unpack your new mattress, put it on your bed. Then remove all of the packagings for you. We can also remove your old mattress for an extra charge if required. This service is normally around 14 to 21 working days.

How much is delivery costs?

Our mattresses start from £312. 50 excluding VAT but really you should look at it over the lifetime of the mattress. Normally if you based it on a 10 year period then this particular mattress would work out at £31.25 per year, that’s around 61 pence per week or approximately 9 pence per night! Such fantastic value.

Here at, we are acknowledged as Premier Retail Champion by the National Bed Federation which confirms that the products we sell are of the highest quality and that we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Don’t buy a completely new bed when you may only need to replace your mattress! Call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 and let me advise you.