With the arrival of the latest coronavirus variant, it is now much safer to purchase your new adjustable bed online. The same applies to the riser recliner chairs that you can order right here at www.mobilityproducts4u.org.

Let our experience and advice guide you to the best product for you. Yes, we are an online company but our difference is our personal service, based on many many years of experience. We will advise you about the differences in the various adjustable beds we offer (over 30 different models). Which mattress will be the best for your needs and all of this can be done either through our website or on the phone with me Robert Winchurch. Just call me on 01492 548102. It is of course possible to just replace your existing mattress if you already have an adjustable bed.

We offer adjustable beds in different sizes from 2′ 3″ wide beds to 6′ 0″ wide and a wide range of models. These can include pocket sprung versions, memory foam, latex foam and various combinations of all. There are different support levels from soft through to very firm and we are happy to advise which will be the right one for you you. do you need storage under your bed? That can be available for most models or perhaps you need a bed on legs to allow for closer nursing.

Riser Recliner Chairs.

We offer 17 different models of riser recliner chairs and many of them with different size options. Perhaps you need more back support, then a lateral back version might be best for you. Discuss the options with us by calling 01492 548102 and let Robert Winchurch guide you to the riser recliner that’s right for you. With a range of different fabrics and colours and even faux and real leather, the choice is wide. 


All of our home deliveries are conducted by specialist logistics companies who will take the product to the room you require it in. Then they will unpack it, assemble as needed and demonstrate all of the functions of each item to you. Once you are happy they will remove all of the product packaging from your home. All of the teams are trained in customer care and safety and will wear all the covid protection required.

Shopping online with mobilityproducts4u is safer. Why us?

  • No need to leave home
  • Expert advice
  • Wide Range of products
  • All products have full guarantees
  • Large selection of colours for upholstery
  • Home delivery and installation included
  • Deliveries prebooked for your convenience
  • Information and advice available by phone or email
  • Personal contact with the business owner
  • Over 60 years of experience for you to call on.

Stay safe, shop online or call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 and allow me to offer you advice built on years of experience.