Swivel recliner chairs with or without a massage facility?

Here at mobilityproducts4u, we are always searching for new products to help you to become more comfortable at home.

Our new range has four different models

We can now offer you a range of 4 swivel recliner chairs complete with footstools. These models are also available with the added luxury of massage units and heat pads.

The Lincoln model shown above is available in four different colours.  Beige, Black, Brown or Cream all in bonded leather. The chair is available as just a swivel version or with the added benefit of a massage unit and heat pad.

Each model is available in both types, swivel or swivel and massage

The sumptuous padding on the Norfolk model will ensure that whatever position you relax in you will be comfortable. With five different colours of bonded leather to select from we know, there will be one for you.

The lovely U-shaped bar on the chair is replicated on the footstool. You will find the footstool is shaped to give maximum support and comfort as you relax with your feet up. The reclining action can be controlled by the use of the pressure handle you can see on the side of the chair.

A choice of colours is available

Like all of the chairs, the Rutland will swivel through a full 360 degrees whilst the stool is static. Available in 5 different colours of Bonded Leather as a standard swivel chair or with the massage and heat system.

Standard delivery is included

The Suffolk swivel recliner is available in Bonded leather with a choice of colours. You can choose from the normal version or if you prefer to opt for the massage chair instead. It is so easy to recline to your favourite position and to put your feet up and relax.

mobilityproducts4u.org will continue to seek out new products that we believe can make your life more comfortable. If you have any questions about any of our ranges please contact me, Robert Winchurch. Either use the contact form on the website, email me or call me. Our email address is office@mobilityproducts4u.org or my phone number is 01492 548102