Bodyease Electro Relaxer adjustable bed

The Bodyease Electro Relaxer is the least expensive of our range of adjustable beds at just £599.00 excluding VAT. That price includes home delivery and installation and our team will also remove all of the packagings for you. Just because it is the least expensive it doesn’t mean that it is cheap! In fact, it is great value and very comfortable and will improve your lifestyle immensely. Being able to raise your head and shoulders will improve your breathing and help your heart. It will also take the pressure off your shoulders and your spine making your sleeping more comfortable. Whilst raising your feet and knees will greatly improve your circulation.

  • A quiet motor moves you easily at the touch of a button.
  • Raise your head and shoulders
  • Sit up to read, relax, or watch TV
  • Sleep slightly raised to help with your breathing
  • Raise your feet to improve your circulation
  • The Electro Relaxer mattress contains over 500 springs in the single version
  • Pocket springs that act individually to offer support to all parts of the body
  • Traditional fillings with hand tufting to ensure the padding is held in place
  • Double-sided mattress to give extra wearability
  • The base has specially sprung slats 42 of them in the single size
  • Available as a deep base on castors or a shallow base on legs
  • The Shallow base version is ideal if the user needs close nursing attention
  • The Deep base is available on castors or glides
  • Shallow base on legs with a selection of different heights if required

VAT or no VAT?

This model like all of our adjustable beds is designed specifically for people who struggle with a disability, such as arthritis, or long term illness such as MS or Cancer. For those people in this unfortunate situation, you can purchase any of the adjustable beds from our range excluding VAT. This saves you a whopping 20%. However, you cannot buy an adjustable bed without VAT if you are able-bodied and just want the added comfort of being able to sit up.

If you are confused about the issue of VAT then you can check out here on the GOV.UK site or call me Robert Winchurch at on 01492548102 and I will be happy to help.

Delivery and installation.

Like all our beds the Bodyease Electro Relaxer is delivered to you and then installed by proper technicians who are fully trained and also Covid ready to protect you. They will take the bed to the room you need it in, unpack it assemble it and then demonstrate to you all the functions of your new bed making sure you know which button does what! Once you are feeling happy then they will remove all of the packagings from your new bed and we can also arrange to recycle your existing bed if you need us to.