We are delighted to be able to say that the Mattress Genie is now back in stock!

What is Mattress Genie?

The Mattress Genie is an easy to install mattress raiser. A cost-effective alternative to buying an adjustable bed!

  • The adjustable alternative to bulky foam bed wedges.
  • The affordable alternative to expensive hospital beds.
  • Turns any bed into an adjustable bed with just the touch of a button!
  • Flattens when not in use, eliminating storage of bulky foam wedges.
  • No heavy, motorized bed frames or mechanisms.
  • Elevates the head of the bed up to 26” and can lift up to 35 stones on the single size.
  • The double size can lift up to 71 stone.
  • Easy installation sets up in less than 2 minutes.
  • Works with all mattresses except waterbeds.
  • Hand control illuminates for nighttime use.
  • Wedge fully inflates in less than a minute.

How to use the Mattress Genie

Just by pushing the button on the control handset, you can raise your head easily and gently using the quiet motor. This inflates the Mattress Genie and so raises the head end of your bed.

The handset is also illuminated in the dark to allow you to alter your position during the night without having to put the lights on

  • Elevates the Head of Any Mattress
  • Ideal for People with Acid Reflux,
    Sleep apnoea Heartburn, and Indigestion
  • Eases Breathing, Congestion, and
  • Easily Read, Eat, Nurse, or Watch TV in
  • High-Quality Construction Provides

The Mattress Genie is delivered to you in a smart box that is easy to store when not in use. So easy to install and practical to use. Ideal for people with problems such as Sleep Apnoea or general breathing problems. By raising the head it allows your airways to open more whilst you are asleep so aiding your breathing. This in turn will ease pressure on your heart allowing it to work more efficiently.

Delivery is normally 7 to 10 working days and is included in our price. We offer the Mattress Genie in 3 different sizes; Single (3′ 0″): Double (4′ 6″) and King (5′ 0″). For more information, you can always call me, Robert Winchurch at www.mobilityproducts4u.org on 01492 548102.  I will be delighted to tell you all of the benefits that the Mattress Genie can give you.