VAT Exemption


If you are disabled or have a long term illness then you could be eligible for VAT exemption on certain items. These products must be specifically designed for handicapped or disabled people. So a riser recliner chair would qualify for VAT exemption whilst a recliner chair would not. Obviously anyone would be able to use a recliner chair whilst the riser recliner chair is designed with disability in mind. The same applies to beds. An electrical adjustable bed can be supplied VAT exempt whilst any normal bed must be charged with VAT. If you have a broken leg, ankle or arm which is going to get better then I am sorry you have to pay the VAT.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not you qualify for VAT exemption then take a look at the VAT notices relating to relief for disabled people webpage which will give you all the details. To make your life easier we have marked those products that can be sold on a VAT exemption basis. When you reach checkout there will be, for those products that can be purchased with a VAT Zero rating, an option will be shown asking if you are able to claim VAT exemption. If you are, select the Yes box and then from the drop down box select the reason for your exemption that is applicable to your circumstances.

This will then remove the VAT content from your order and allow you to buy your qualifying product without the VAT.



Call HMRC for information about VAT reliefs available for disabled and older people. Telephone: 0300 123 1073

For more details follow this link to the website.