Walking sticks can give you confidence.



As the UK starts to reopen it’s good to know that walking sticks can give you confidence. From personal experience, I am sure that the Flexyfoot range of walking sticks are simply superb.

Different handles

With 3 different handle types to select from (as shown above), there is sure to be one that suits your grip. From left to right you can see the Derby, the most traditional of handles, then the Oval handle which can encase your hand. Finally is the Cork handle which has a cooler feel.


The secret to feeling safe with a Flexyfoot walking stick is in the Ferrule. Designed here in the UK the Flexyfoot Ferrule does exactly as it says! It will flex as you move and will also absorb pressure so avoiding any shocks to your joints as you walk. Not only those in your legs but also your wrist elbow and shoulder joints will all benefit from using a Flexyfoot walking stick.

You will find that there are so many ways that the Flexyfoot walking stick with specially designed Ferrule improves your confidence when out and about. Firstly the shock absorbing element is so different to a standard ferrule that you get on an NHS walking stick. Secondly, the ferrule moves and bends ideal for when you are going down from the kerb or when you have to use it up and downstairs. Then there is the fact that you can select from either a folding or telescopic version. The folding version can even go into its own bag which is supplied with whilst the telescopic model will go easily in your bag or pocket.

As well as the benefits mentioned is the fact that there is a choice of colours, from Black through Blue, Orange or Red, how bright do you want to be? 

Walking sticks can give you confidence, and I know because I always use my Flexyfoot walking stick and feel so much better for having it. If you want to talk about the benefits of a Flexyfoot walking stick then just call me Robert Winchurch on 014982 548102. Or you can just order your new Flexyfoot walking stick at www,mobilityproducts4u.org