Here are just a few of the benefits of an adjustable bed;

  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from back pain
  • Reduced swelling of joints
  • Better Breathing
  • Can reduce snoring
  • Added comfort
  • Improved posture
  • Great independence getting in and out of bed
  • Better sleeping position.
  • Comfort you deserve

Improved Circulation

For those of us who struggle with poor circulation or swelling of our legs, an adjustable bed can help. Swelling is normally caused by poor circulation and the blood flow can be improved by slightly raising the legs during sleep. Unlike a normal bed, an adjustable bed will allow you, at the touch of a button, to raise your legs. This will then improve your circulation allowing the blood to pump back to your heart more easily, which then helps to reduce the painful swelling.

How to Get Back Pain Relief

Do you know you are not alone if you suffer from back pain? As many as one in three of us struggle with aching backs, and it can be improved by finding a sleeping position which will ease those aches. For some people raising the head end of the adjustable will help dramatically. For others, it may be that they need to raise their feet slightly to ease the tension caused by an aching back. Or your adjustable bed can help you find that ‘Zero Gravity position for a perfect night’s sleep.

Swollen Joints

Like me, I am sure you know the frustrations and pain that swollen joints can cause. An adjustable bed will not be a miracle cure but it will help so much. Just raise your feet for the night and you will find you sleep better and the swelling will reduce overnight. So you can start your new day feeling better, if not completely cured!

Better Breathing and reduced snoring

Most of us will snore at some point. For those of us where collapsing airways make the problem worse raising the head of the adjustable bed can help. By raising your head only slightly you will ensure that your soft tissue doesn’t narrow your airways and cause you to snore even more. From personal experience, I can tell you how much it can help. I suffer from sleep apnoea and have to use a machine at night that pumps air into me to keep my airways open. My situation is probably worse than most people’s as I struggle with severe sleep apnoea. Without my machine, I would stop breathing at night but the machine and rating my head slightly helps tremendously.

Mask use

Mask use

If you snore or struggle with your breathing at night then an adjustable bed can be of great help.

Added comfort and posture

If you lay flat in a normal bed it can generate pressure on various areas of your body.  Such as your shoulders, ankles, hips knees and even your neck which in turn could affect your head. This obviously can lead to a poor night’s sleep. Whilst an adjustable bed can contour to the natural shape of your body and reduces pressure on the key areas that can disturb your sleep. This means you will wake to face the next day in a much better condition. Your posture will improve over time by using your adjustable bed.

Greater independence Through Mobility Products and Aids

If you struggle with mobility problems, my arthritis frustrates me apart from the pain it causes, then using an adjustable bed can be helpful in getting in and out of bed. Having the backrest up as you get in makes it so much easier to swing your legs In and out All of the adjustable beds normally come at a standard height of around 24 inches. We can have the overall height reduced if it allows you to get in and out in an easier way.

Contact me Robert Winchurch and let me talk to you about the various options available. We have adjustable beds available in widths from 2′ 3″ through to 5′ 0″ and of course you can even link two sets together to give sets up to 6′ 0″ wide. Oh and we do those different sizes such as 3′ 6″ and 4′ 0″ and all of our adjustable beds are 6′ 6″ in length.


I am sure that apart from my long experience in the trade (I started way back in 1959) my own problems with severe arthritis, hip and knee replacements as well as struggling at night with sleep apnoea means that I can have empathy with you and your problems and then advise you in the best way possible. Please feel free to call me on 01492 548102 or email me at See from the testimonials available on the site that I try to give the sort of service and advice you would expect from the best retail services.

Finally, remember all of our adjustable beds will give you great benefits but also come complete with home delivery and installation as well as a 5 year extended warranty. Here at, we are recognised by the National Bed Federation (NBF) as being a Premier Retail Champion. We are also members of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) which means we are recognised and verified by Trading Standards UK.