It is a question I get asked regularly and the answer is dependant on you. Here though I will try to guide you through the options available. As well as the benefits you can expect from a new riser recliner chair.

Increase your safety

Falls around the house can happen at any stage of life, unfortunately. Most people find that this can happen in the bathroom on the stairs or in the kitchen.  But for those who have mobility issues though, even getting in and out of a chair can increase the risk of a fall. One of the main benefits of a riser recliner chair is to take all of the stress and struggle of getting up or sitting down away. Some of the reasons for getting in and out are list below. If you can relate to any of these then you will probably find great help from using a riser recliner chair.

  • Restricted movement of your knees
  • Weak legs
  • Back problems
  • Poor balance
  • General lack of flexibility
  • A fear of falling.

All of these problems can be helped by the use of the handset on your riser recliner chair.

Whatever issues you have you will become more confident if you can use a riser recliner chair. It is easier to get your balance if you can get to a standing position gently and safely. Then you can if needed use your walking aids to move away from the chair.

So which is best?

Single motor riser recliner chairs. As the name implies this style of the riser recliner chair has one motor that controls all the functions. It will take you efficiently and quietly down from a standing position to sitting comfortably to relax. Once you want to recline you can, again at the touch of a button, raise your legs. As you do that so the backrest will start to move. The efficient motor will then move you to a fully reclined position, but you can stop anywhere by just releasing the button.

By raising your legs you will reduce pressure and increase your blood circulation. Whilst the reclining backrest will ease the pains in your back muscles and joints.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs. Have separate motors that can individually control the backrest and leg rest. This means that you can relax with your feet up whilst still having your back in an upright position you can. Which allows you to watch television or read a book, play on your tablet more easily. Then when you want to switch off and relax you can just push another button. And the backrest will recline to whichever position suits your needs.

You can go from a reclined to a standing position gently by use of the quiet and efficient dual motors.




The most recent additions to our ranges include extra motors that can control the powered headrests and lumbar supports to give even greater support. These features are included in six models from our Pride Range. The Buxton; The Camberley; The Dorchester; The Hereford; The Monmouth and the Weymouth.

Whichever riser recliner chair you select from our range at you will find your own comfort. But the benefits can be;

  • Reduce pain levels
  • Increased and improved circulation
  • Reduced swelling in your legs and ankles
  • Less pressure on your joints
  • Low muscle tension
  • Less effort in standing up
  • Great reduction in painful joints when going from standing to sitting
  • Just simply more comfortable.

Check out our website for details on all of our wonderful riser recliner chairs and remember that it is so easy to get helpful impartial advice without any high-pressure selling. By calling me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 you can talk about all the benefits available with someone who has been running this business since 2010. I have worked in the furniture trade since leaving school way back in 1959 and whilst I will never know all the answers I know where to go to find them for you.