Actually that is not really true, there are always wheelchairs and mobility scooters around in Llandudno but the Spitfires only fly above the town on certain occasions. Like yesterday when the display which was organised by and sponsored by Mostyn Estates in support of the Blind Veterans UK who have now moved to the town and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Llandudno is a great town for a holiday or just a weekend break and even more so for those with walking difficulties or disabilities of some form and the long promenade flat layout of the main town make it ideal for those people as well as for anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter and you will always see plenty of those around the town.

Yesterday though was a real exceptional day with displays of Spitfires flying over head and doing aerobatics as well as the local life boat and a sea king rescue helicopter from RAF Anglesey also taking part. Later in the day a team from the RAF Falcons flew into Llandudno using controlled parachutes and leaving colourful trails in the sky behind them. They landed on north Shore Beach at low tide and really showed just what a great place this is for visitors of all ages to come to.

The sea front was as crowded as it has been for many a long year with people thronged all along from the pier right down to the paddling pool at near the little Orme and with the sun shining so spectacularly it was really a great day out.

You have to admire though those people in mobility scooters driving themselves through the crowds without getting hemmed in or without running in to ordinary pedestrians who just suddenly stop right in front of them, for those carers or loved ones actually pushing wheelchairs through the crowns it must be even more difficult.

Apart from fantastic special days like Saturday there is always so much to see and do in and around Llandudno and do not forget to walk yourself along the fantastic pier, the best in Wales and probably one of the best in the whole of the UK. There are many attractions and shops on Llandudno’s historic pier but one place you must take time to pop into in North Shore Pictures Gifts and Cards their studio on the pier can give you wonderful lasting memories of your holiday in North Wales.

Whether you are in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter or just an able bodied person you will find that Llandudno has so much to offer you even if there isn’t an air display every week there is always something going on!