Which is best, a dual motor or single motor riser recliner chair?

If you are looking for a riser recliner chair then you will probably ask should I have a single or dual-motor version.

Single motor models are normally less expensive and so can possibly be more affordable. They obviously have fewer functions than a dual motor riser recliner but are easier to operate.

Normally the single motor chair, as shown above, will have just two buttons on the handset. One which will take the chair to a standing position, as shown above. The second button will take it from a standing to a sitting position and then on to reclining. With a single motor riser recliner once you start to raise the footrest the back will also start to move and so your backrest will alter. By continuing to press the button you can easily go to a fully reclined position.

Dual motor riser recliner chairs offer more flexibility than the single versions. With separate motors for the foot and backrests, you are able to raise your legs but at the same time retain an upright position for your back.

Obviously, because of the extra functions, there are more buttons on the handset than with the single motor models. Normally you will have 5 buttons with a dual motor riser recliner chair. one button will take you to a standing position a second one will sit you down and also raise the leg rest. Two more buttons, one of which will recline your backrest as far as you like, enabling you to stop at any point and the other one to bring you back up.

The 5th button, where fitted, will act as an ‘override control’ bringing all parts of the chair back to a normal sitting position.

There are also available now riser recliner chairs with extra functions such as;

  • Powered Headrests & lumbar supports
  • Leg rest extensions
  • Built-in USB ports

Make sure that you order your riser recliner chair, single or Dual motor with ‘white-glove delivery’ included. This means that the delivery team will be experts in the delivery and installation of your new chair.

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