Which is the best crutch? Flexyfoot

After having to use hospital crutches after many operations I wish had found Flexyfoot earlier. When asked which is the best crutch, it’s simply got to be Flexyfoot I believe

My left knee has been replaced twice, my right hip once left hip twice as well as various ankle operations. After all of these, I have left the hospital on standard-issue crutches. Whilst I am grateful to the NHS, I know that I would have felt much safer using crutches with a Flexyfoot Ferrule fitted.

The beauty of the Flexyfoot crutch is in its ferrule, shock-absorbing and flexible it will make sure you are safe and comfortable as you walk.

Not only will your walking be easier and safer but your other joints, such as your elbows and shoulders will be under less strain. In turn, this will aid your recovery or improve your daily living.

The range of Flexyfoot crutches includes both closed cuff and open cuff styles. You can also select from soft-grip or comfort grip which is available as left or right-handed. The soft-grip handle sits nicely into the palm of your hand. This will give premium comfort for ideal periods of prolonged use. Whilst the comfort grip handle is shaped anatomically to your hand and comes either as a left hand or right-hand crutch. Both the closed cuff and open cuff crutches from Flexyfoot are easily adjustable to suit your height. They also are available in different colours. So you can be bright be, be seen and be safe with your Flexyfoot crutch.

Carbon Fibre Crutches

Whilst the Carbon fibre versions might be slightly more expensive they offer the benefit of being lighter and also being foldable.

The Carbon fibre versions come in two colours, as shown above, Black or Red, they are extremely strong and yet so lightweight.

Flexyfoot crutches will last you a very long time and make your life easier, more comfortable and safer. Should you need to it is always possible to replace just the foot of your Flexyfoot ferrule. It is so easy and simple to do, just unscrew the worn foot and replace it with a new one.

There are even markers on the base of the foot tell when it is getting worn and needs replacing. Whether you want a single crutch or a pair ask, which is the best crutch? Flexyfoot.