Which is the best ferrule for your walking stick?

For so many of us who use a walking stick, it is easy to rely on the ferrule that comes with it. I was fortunate enough to discover the Flexyfoot shock-absorbing Ferrule a few years ago. What a difference it has made during those intervening years. It is so flexible and so supportive it changed the way I felt about using my stick. Now I am delighted to be able to supply them to you and I believe that you will find it the best support you have ever had on your walking stick.

The Flexyfoot Ferrule does just what it suggests, it flexes as you walk moving to the ground you are walking on. It will also absorb the shocks that you can encounter with the uneven surfaces that we have to walk on. It will also ensure that you have better support and as a result feel more confident when you are out. The Flexyfoot will last you for a long time but it also has on its base a guide, called a wear marker, for you to be able to see when it needs replacing.


It is then possible to buy a replacement foot and just screw it into the existing Ferrule. Simple quick and easy to do.

Walking Sticks

If you don’t want to alter your existing walking stick it is possible to purchase a new Flexyfoot walking stick. Complete with its own ferrule.


There are actually three different models all with their own distinctive handles. The Derby as shown above or a Cork handle or the Oval handle

All three different versions are available as either folding or telescopic versions. The folding walking stick, complete with its Flexyfoot Ferrule also has its own carrying bag. 

Whichever Flexyfoot walking stick you select I know, from personal experience that you will walk taller and feel more confident.  If you would like to talk to a real user of Flexyfoot then just call me Robert Winchurch at mobilityproducts4u. You can always get me on 01492 548102 or email me at office@mobilityproducts4u.org and I will get back to you very quickly.