Which type of mobility scooter is right for you?

In addition to the 8 mph, road-going model shown here you could also select a 4 mph version as illustrated below.

Colt Executive Grey

This mobility scooter is capable of speeds up to8 mph

Apex Rapid-beauty-black

4mph mobility scooters are lighter as well as being easy to take apart

Should you be using, like the one shown at the top an 8mph road-going mobility scooter. Or would you be better with a 4mph mobility scooter like the one in the second image?

What makes a Road going mobility scooter?.

For someone who wants to be independent then the larger mobility scooter with a capability of a top speed of 8 mph is the best choice. However, you must remember that this top speed must only be used on the roads! This is scooter is defined as a Class 3 model.

On pavements and in shopping areas then you must abide by the top speed of 4mph that class 1 scooters are capable of.

The road going scooter must have;

  • Lights, front and rear
  • Wing mirrors
  • Audible warning system (a horn)
  • Indicators.
  • Registration with the DVLA
  • Insurance.

The last two items on the list are very rarely observed but should be considered! To drive your mobility scooter on the road it should at least be registered with the DVLA.  Very important if for any reason you are involved in an accident on the road. If the Police are involved they will check with the DVLA for your details.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to have insurance it is just sensible. Specialist insurance costs very little and will cover the things that your household insurance doesn’t.

Remember you can drive your road-going mobility scooter on ‘A-Class roads’ but not dual carriageways or Motorways. Once you leave the road and go on to pedestrian areas you are governed by a maximum speed of 4mph. So slow down and be courteous.

When you drive on the roads be positive and always observe the highway code.

Class 1 mobility scooters.

These are the models that can be used on pavements, promenades and in shopping areas at speeds of UP TO 4mph. The speed limit doesn’t mean that you have to go that fast you must be aware of people and circumstances.

This type of scooter goes from the very small foldable scooters right through to the larger styles.

The Pride Quest folds easily for transportation


The Pride Revo 2 is a 4mph class 1 mobility scooter

Yoga Scooter Green

Lightweight and easy to use the Yoga mobility scooter is ideal and can be folded into its own case.

Excel Yoga Carry Case

The Yoga folding scooter in its own case.

If you would like any information or details about which type of mobility scooter is right for you then just email me or call me, Robert Winchurch. Get me on 01492 548102 or at office@mobilityproducts4u.org