In a recent survey, a third of the disabled people questioned said that hotels did not meet their accessibility needs. Imagine arriving at your destination only to find that there is no wheelchair access to your chosen hotel.

Do your research

Unfortunately, the onus really is on us the person with the disability to check what access is available. However, in this day and age, it should be possible to arrive at any hotel and be able to get in!  All hotels should have ramps in place or available to use when required. Those of us with mobility problems should not be discriminated against.

We all realise that for some older hotels it may well be difficult because of the way they were originally built. However, there are enough aids available such as ramps to make access available. More pressure needs to be put on hotels to make it clear that they cannot take disabled guests. 

When you check out a hotel website look for any details of accessibility and if you are not sure call them before making your booking. I have arrived at hotels before and have made sure that the room we required was on the ground floor. Then found that there were three or four steps to negotiate but that there was no ramp! It is so difficult to get yourself out of your wheelchair and then almost hop up those steps and wait for someone to lift your wheelchair for you!

Even Rollators can be problems in the wrong hotel!


Sometimes it is possible to walk into your chosen hotel with the use of a rollator but again it can be difficult to get into certain areas! Not leaving enough space between tables in the dining room is one of the normal problems you encounter! Having to shuffle sideways to get through or ask others to move to allow you access is embarrassing, to say the least! It only needs a little thought by hotel management to make this sort of problem go away.

In reality, the situation with access should be the responsibility of the hotel management team, not the visitor. The Disability Discrimination Act has been in force since 1995 and it is time that all hotels conformed to it!