Why is National Bed Month so important? A good question and the answer is that it helps to make us all aware of how important sleep is in our lives! Unfortunately, not everyone gets that good night’s sleep that we all need. Often this is caused by the condition of our bed. Making us all more aware of the state of our beds means that National Bed Month is important.

How often should you check your bed?

Most of us get out of bed after our sleep, whether that is in the morning, for most people, or at different times of the day for shift workers, we don’t check it! Some will just leave the bedclothes as they are and next time just get back in. Whilst others will fastidiously make the bed each time they get up. However, even when changing the bedclothes very few look at the mattress for signs of wear. Are there lumps appearing because the padding has moved? Is the mattress dipping? probably caused because it hasn’t been turned over or in the case of a single-sided mattress turned from head to foot. The trouble with beds is that they are always there and we take them for granted! Check your bed every week, make sure it has a smooth surface and no hollows or mountains appearing. It is also a good idea to use your vac on the mattress now and then to keep it fresh.

How old is your bed?

It has always surprised me just how long people keep their beds, the National Bed Federation would suggest we change our beds every 8 years. Realistically if we chose to change our beds every 10 to 12 years that would be much better for our sleep and of course for our life in general.

How much does a new bed cost?

The price of a new bed, especially adjustable beds, can vary dramatically. Starting from as little as £599.00 for a single size adjustable bed right up to £1565.83 (both prices excluding VAT). Whilst this may seem like a lot of money initially if you take the top figure of £1565.83 and divide it by 10 (years) the cost comes down to £156.58. If you then divide that figure by 52 (weeks in a year) it becomes £3.01. One step further is to divide it by 7 (nights in a week) and the cost is 43 pence

That figure of 43 pence is before the extra 15% savings if you purchase in March 

A cup of coffee in Costa Coffee would set you back £2.95 so your new bed is such great value in comparison! A coffee in that shop just 5 days or nights a week would come to £7670 over 10 years!

Why is National Bed Month so important?

You can see from the figures just how cost-effective it is to buy a new bed. National Bed Month is so important because it helps to make us all aware of our existing beds. As well as the need to be sleeping with the right sort of comfort and support!

Make sure you are on the right side of the bed and not rolling to the middle or hanging on the edge because your bed is old and tired!

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