Will adjustable beds help?

I get asked, “will adjustable beds help?” often and the answer is always YES. In this blog, I will attempt to tell you the important points about adjustable beds

The ability to move your position at the touch of a button makes life so much easier. Take the bodyease Electro relaxer as an example, the mattress with 500 pocket springs is so supportive;

  • Mattress
  • The Mattress is Pocket Sprung to move with your body
  • Over 500 springs (in the 3’0″ version)
  • Luxurious Hypo-Allergenic Fillings
  • Covered in a Luxury Viscose Damask Fabric
  • Traditionally hand tufted
  • Flag Stitched Handles
  • Fresh air ventilators
  • Double-sided reversible mattress

Whilst the base with its quiet motor will easily raise your legs or your head;

  • BASE
  • The Electro Relaxer has a five-fold adjustable base
  • You can be raised to positions to give you the maximum comfort
  • The base has all sides made of a solid board construction
  • Is offered as a deep base or as a divan base on legs
  • The legged base is available in a selection of different heights
  • The deep base has twin castors as standard
  • 42 triple slats with silver foil as standard
  • Slats adjustable for firmness
  • Motion Technology 2 motor system (CE Certified)
  • 6 Button Low voltage Deluxe Handset

Different sizes

You can buy the Electro relaxer adjustable bed as double or single size. The double version normally will come with one mattress and just one control unit. Whilst the single can be linked together either as two 2′ 6″ sets to give a 5′ 0″ set with two individual handsets or using two 3′ 0″ sets you can have a 6′ 0″ wide set. Remember though all these adjustable beds will be 6′ 6″ long.


You will find that an adjustable bed can help with problems such as;

  • Acid Reflux
  • Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Circulation
  • Sleep Apnoea

Whatever your concerns or sleep problems contact me Robert Winchurch at www.mobilityproducts4u.org or call me on 01492 548102. After over 60 years in the trade, I know a lot of the answers to your questions. However, if I don’t know for any reason I will find out for you.

Will adjustable beds help? yes just ask me Robert Winchurch and I will tell you all the benefits.