Searching for an Adjustable Bed?

Let us help you, there are many variations and options with adjustable beds. So let’s look at just one as an example.

The bodyease Electro Relaxer adjustable bed.

Available in a range of different widths the Electro Relaxer has a very supportive pocket sprung mattress.

Adjustable Bed

Electro Relaxer mattress on a deep base

Adjustable Bed

A single Electro Relaxer pocket sprung mattress

Pocket sprung mattresses are ideal for use on adjustable beds as all of the springs operate individually of each other. This allows them to move with the adjustable action when required.

By having a base on legs it is possible for a person having to nurse the user to get closer.

The quiet motors allow you to raise the foot or head ends individually of each other or in unison as shown.

Showing some of the movements of an adjustable bed

When you have started searching for an adjustable bed you will be able to add drawers to the deep base version.

Single bed drawer options

Whilst double size beds can have up to four drawers fitted.

double adjustable bed drawer options

In reality, though it is the comfort and the benefits of the adjustable bed that are most important.  Raising the head end can help those who are unfortunate enough to struggle with acid reflux at night. Just having the head raised that bit can make such a difference. Whilst raising the foot end can help tremendously with blood circulation.

Adjustable beds will help to relieve the pains of arthritis and associated illness by allowing the user to change position, Just the touch of the buttons on the handset will take all of the work out of changing position. You must have the appropriate adjustable bed mattress.

A handset which is similar to the ones used on the Electro Relaxer.

Adjustable Bed

A double size pocket sprung mattress with one control system for both sides.

Adjustable Bed

Two single sets linked together with individual controls.

Delivery and installation

Searching for an adjustable bed? It is not just getting the correct bed that matters. The delivery and installation are so important. That is why we here at use a specialist logistics team to complete your order. Healthcare Distribution Direct (HDD) use their own fully employed engineers to deliver, install and demonstrate your bed to you. The team know all about the products that they are installing. They are also very sensitive to the need to utilise properly PPE equipment that they are provided with. They will also fully respect your needs for ‘social distancing’ in these very strange times.


Having been in the bedding trade for a long time now, well since 1959! I have lots of experience to call on. This allows me to advise you as to which is the right adjustable bed for you. Whilst, of course, I am always happy to take your order my main aim is to make sure you purchase the best bed for your needs. So please feel free to email me at or call me Robert Winchurch, on 01492 548102.