I saw a post today from the manager of the pier in Llandudno in North Wales. Basically, he was saying how some people (and only some people) are abusive to the staff there. We have all been through some very strange times as a result of the pandemic.

At present in virtually all bars, inside or outside, it is table service only. As a result, sometimes you have to wait, always unfortunate but remember no one is keeping you waiting deliberately. So as the old song goes “Try a little tenderness”. It costs you nothing to smile and be pleasant and those staff in hospitality will all do their level best to look after you.

Being nice costs you nothing!

It’s not just the hospitality trade though, staff in the retail section and in call centres answering your queries are all experiencing more and more aggressive reactions from people. Just remember to treat people how you would like to be treated yourself. I know that you will get a far better response from others if you actually take the time to be nice to them. Have you been kept waiting in a store or bar or even on the phone? Just think that the person who eventually responds to you has probably been dealing with a difficult client. Make sure you are not just another difficult one! Try a little tenderness.

Awareness of others

Similarly, if a wheelchair user or mobility scooter rider is in your way, be patient and understanding.

None of us wants to be in that situation and you get cross will only make matters worse. The one thing that upsets people with a disability is if you are condescending to them. Just because they (we) are in that position does not mean we are any less intelligent than you, so try a little tenderness.

The world is very different to back in 2019 and we all must learn to live with those differences and here at www.mobilityproducts4u.org, we will always try a little tenderness.