Where to go for the best riser recliner chair.

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Where to go for the best riser recliner chair? Certainly, you need somewhere with a good selection then you need to talk to someone with lots of experience! That’s why www.mobilityproducts4u.org can offer you the best possible experience.


With many different models available from manufacturers such as Pride, GFA as well as our own brand we are bound to have a chair that suits your requirements. We have single motor riser recliners, dual-motor versions as well as ones with powered headrests and powered lumbar support.


Single motor riser recliner chairs have as suggested just one motor controlling all the actions. This means the user can go easily from a sitting position to standing by pressing the button on the handset. You can then return to a sitting down and then by continuing to hold the button raise your legs. However, the single motor version reclines the backrest at the same time as raising your legs. 

Dual motor riser recliner versions have the benefit of the backrest being controlled separately from the footrest. The handset is slightly different as it has buttons for both the footrest and the backrest. 

This means you have far greater control and allows you to raise your feet which helps with your circulation but retain your back in an upright position. Which means you can watch television or read easily but benefit from having your feet up. It is then easy to press the other button and recline the backrest and contemplate the world through closed eyes!

Four motor riser recliner models have the added benefit of powered headrests and power lumbar support areas. With this type of chair, you can adjust your position and support even more.


When you contact www.mobilityproducts4u.org whether by email or by phone you actually deal with me Robert Winchurch.

I run the website which was set up back in 2010 when my arthritic limbs got too bad for me to continue working in retail stores. However, my experience in the furniture trade starting way back in 1959!

Whilst I do have lots of knowledge built up over the last 60 plus years I am still happy to admit I am still learning. Whatever information I have picked up during that time though I am more than willing to share. So if you have a question just ask, you can always get me on 01492 548102 and you can speak to the real me.

Delivery and service

Every riser recliner chair that I supply will come with proper service and delivery. I am always on hand to give answers to your questions and will follow your order all the way through. Importantly though our expert logistics delivery company will also contact you. This to ensure that they deliver on a day and at a time convenient to you. That will be so much more than a delivery though. The team will unpack, assemble and demonstrate all the functions of your new riser recliner. Before removing all the packagings and leaving you to just relax.

Where to go for the best riser recliner chair? Well, it is www.mobilityproducts4u.org of course. The personal service and knowledge together with an ever-increasing range of products mean you can get just what you need.