Which is best, a single or dual motor riser recliner chair?

It is a question that is often asked, which is best, a single or dual motor riser recliner chair? The answer can of course vary depending on what your needs are.

Single Motor riser recliner chairs

The Warwick single motor riser recliner chair shown here in Bonded leather is not only comfortable but practical as well. The backrest has three cushions for added support whilst the seat pad is deep and comfortable. With a chaise style legrest, you are certain to have real effortless support for your legs and ankles, ideal to help with your circulation.

Like all riser recliner chairs, you will be able to go from a standing to a sitting position. This without any effort or strain on your joints. The quiet and efficient motor will then allow you to raise your feet. Whilst at the same time reclining the backrest. As well as the ease of movement the Warwick riser recliner chair offers the added bonus of a 10 point built-in massage unit as well as heat pads for the lower lumbar region. All of these functions are easily operated from one handset.

The Warwick is also available in a soft Microfibre upholstery comes with a choice of; Charcoal; Light Brown or Mocha. This is just one of the many single motor riser recliner chairs we are delighted to offer to you.

The Pride LC101 is another single motor chair. The Pride LC101 riser recliner chair has a very comfortable ‘T’ shaped back cushion. With a quiet and smooth 3-position lift system you can go from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. The chair will fully recline when you want to relax completely. The single motor system means that when you raise your feet the backrest will also move with you.

Dual Motor riser recliner chairs


With so many people now wanting to be able to raise their feet without having to recline the backrest the dual-motor models offer many benefits. With all of the functions of a single motor chair but with a backrest with its own independent motor, you can raise your feet while at the same time keeping your back upright. This is obviously ideal if you want to relax while you read or watch television or use your tablet.

The GFA Valencia Dual motor is such fantastic value. The dual motors allow you to use the back and footrests independently of each other. This means you can put your feet up as you relax whilst keeping your back in an upright position. With a Waterfall style backrest, you have real comfort whilst the chaise style leg rest means your legs have total support at all times. The simple wrap over arms ensures the maximum width in the seating area.

Dual motor Premier riser recliner chairs

We are now able to offer riser recliner chairs such as the Dorchester shown above with extra motors. The Dorchester has four motors including a 10″ powered headrest and powered lumbar support. The backrest and footrest can be used independently of each other so allowing you to sit upright to read or watch tv but with your legs raised. For the taller person, the footrest can extend. The control set is simple to use and also contains a USB port to charge your phone or tablet.

So in answer to the question which is best, a single or dual motor riser recliner chair? it really depends on what you need and how much you want to spend, a single motor model will stand you up and take you to a sitting position but when you want to put your feet up the backrest moves as well. However, a dual motor riser recliner chair offers the benefit of being able to control the backrest separately but will cost you more. For slightly more you can of course opt for the dual-motor premier range.

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