We love the Pride Dorchester Riser Recliner and often recommend it as our choice of Riser Recliner when asked. What is it about this incredible chair that makes it so appealing? So many reasons and we will tell you all about them here.

Firstly the Pride Dorchester is made right here in Great Britain. The factory is situated in Nottingham in the East Midlands.

Secondly, the Dorchester is a truly handmade chair.  Part of a truly uplifting range of furniture. From the selection of timbers for the frame to the finished upholstered chair.


Once the timbers are chosen they are then cut to the required sizes and screwed, glued and stapled together. The shape of the arms takes place to form the strength required in a specialist riser recliner chair. The Dorchester with its four motors obviously has to be constructed to support the user’s weight which is often concentrated on the arm section of the chair.

The main structure is then built and assembled with the arm sections attached to build the outer frame of the Dorchester riser recliner chair.


Once the frame is together you obviously need the upholstery to cover it. Each area is upholstered with particular attention paid to the arms.

That allows us to go from the picture above to the finished upholstered arm as shown below;

Selecting and cutting the material is another job in the process for expert upholsterers. If it is one of the three colours that are made for holding in stock then it is a simple job of collecting the covers from the storeroom.

Those special orders which have involved clients ordering different fabrics or any of the Faux or Real Leather create another situation. They are ordered in from whichever manufacturer provides them and then once they arrive in the stores they are checked.

From there they go to the cutting room to be cut and trimmed to shape and size before going to the sowing team for the initial stages of the upholstering.

The cutting and sowing teams still work very much by hand. And though they use patterns it is a very skilled job that is learnt over many years. Matching the material is a very important part of this operation.

Once the sowing is completed it is then on a stage to the upholsterers to apply the fillings and sown fabric to the frame of the Dorchester Riser Recliner chair.


The Dorchester Riser recliner is available with two options now, the brilliant four-motor action that comes with the separate motors for raising and lowering you and the second one for reclining you. Or the tilt-in-space version, for those who need to raise their feet higher than their heart to help with circulation.

It is also possible to raise your feet without having to recline the backrest.

This is ideal to watch TV or read a book. You can also plug your tablet or phone into the built-in USB port to make life even easier.

With the four-motor Dorchester riser recliner, you have the added benefit of being able to alter and support your head. By using the 10″ powered headrest. The tilt-in-space version does not have the powered headrest or powered lumbar support.

Then there is, even more, the lumber support area has its own motorised support to allow you to get the comfort you need and the footrest also extends.



The Dorchester range is more than just a riser recliner chair, we now are able to offer various models to fill your requirements. There are different sizes of the riser recliner as well as fixed models of the chair and matching sofas. Listed below are the many choices;



  • Petite
  • Standard
  • Grande

Back Options;

  • Waterfall
  • Lateral

Chair options

  • Premier 4 motor
  • Tilt-in space dual motor
  • Fixed chair

Sofa options

  • 2 Seater fixed
  • 2 Seater single recliner
  • 2 Seater dual recliner
  • 3 Seater fixed
  • 3 Seater single recliner
  • 3 Seater dual recliner (one on either end)

Additional items;

  • Antimacassars (headcovers)
  • Arm Covers
  • Head cushions


Once the chair is finished, whichever model you select, it is packed for despatch and sent to our specialist carriers who will, in turn, deliver and install it for you. They will place it in the room you require it in. Then unpack it and demonstrate it to you before removing all the packaging,

Don’t pay VAT if you don’t need to! You could be eligible for a VAT exemption. All of this and personal service will ensure all of your needs and expectations are met. Then on top of all of that, we offer a 5-year extended warranty that goes beyond the manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee because you will also be covered for accidental damage as well!

For more information check our website www.mobilityproducts4u.org or call me Robert Winchurch on 01492 548102 and let me tell you all of the benefits of the Dorchester riser recliner, it is simply the best!